Microsoft Sprightly

Microsoft debuted a new tool that allows you to create digital flyers or catalogues for your brand. Interesting how this product was made for mobile only, or at least was made for mobile before desktop. Seems like it’s for small business owners who focus on social media for selling.

Initial limitations seem to be the amount of templates available, however I’m pretty sure additional ones will be rolled out soon, possibly as a paid feature.

Download it in the app store to give it a whirl, but don’t forget you also have Canva.

Social Media Image Resizing

One thing┬áthat irks me when I see brands posting the same content across multiple social media channels is when they don’t properly size the image for each channel. The Facebook news feed looks way different than Twitter and Instagram and even Pinterest.

Sprout Social has a tool you can use that will resize your image properly for each channel, including the header images.

Check out┬á It’s a great way to make sure your images aren’t pixelated or cut off. Nothing is worse than posting a pic and what shows up in someone’s newsfeed is just the crotch part of a model standing, when in reality it’s an awesome photo showcasing the model holding your product.