Social Media Image Resizing

One thing┬áthat irks me when I see brands posting the same content across multiple social media channels is when they don’t properly size the image for each channel. The Facebook news feed looks way different than Twitter and Instagram and even Pinterest.

Sprout Social has a tool you can use that will resize your image properly for each channel, including the header images.

Check out┬á It’s a great way to make sure your images aren’t pixelated or cut off. Nothing is worse than posting a pic and what shows up in someone’s newsfeed is just the crotch part of a model standing, when in reality it’s an awesome photo showcasing the model holding your product.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website/Blog/App

Ah, the million-dollar question: “How do I drive traffic to my [insert domain name, blog, mobile app, business splash page]

Simple. Post a link to your personal Facebook and Twitter and watch the traffic come pouring in. Right? Right.

Unless you’re Kanye West or a Jack Dorsey, there’s no way promoting your business to your personal network is going to work. Yes, you’ll get a few hits from supportive friends and Aunts and Uncles, but if you want REAL traffic, you’ve got to combine content marketing with SEO.

Marketing Tech Blog is an awesome resource for information, especially infographs, so check this particular one out below. My personal favorite combinations of driving traffic:

Reddit >>> Podcasts >>> Crunchbase >>> Facebook Ads >>> imgur

Then use the combination of Hootsuite to schedule posts and Google Keyword Planner to research topics for your posts. After you have done the research and scheduled your posts, utilize an email marketing platform like Mail Chimp to retain customers.

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The Joys of SoundCloud

Love this little cloud.

Love this little cloud.

Being a music and dance enthusiast, I have an insatiable appetite for new music. Dance music to be specific. How else to feed to hunger than via the glorious streaming music site and mobile app that is known as SoundCloud? Considering it ranks 157 on Alexa’s Global Web Traffic chart, I’m sure most of you know about it. However, despite the popularity, there are still some left in the dark. Regardless of your level of awareness, I would like to emphasize the reasons as to why I love SoundCloud:

1. Continuous and constant updates

A majority of electronic music artists are on SoundCloud. It’s the portal to the public in which they can release new music, remixes, and EPs without the restraints of a label. When you follow all your favorite artists, your newsfeed becomes a hotbed of music discovery. Because not only do they publish their own new music, they repost other great artists’ new music.

2. Embeddable posts

Oh, look! There’s a new 30 minute mix from Jack Beats. Let me copy and paste that embed code and post it on my blog. BOOM! The music blog community thrives off this simple copy and paste feature. And the electronic music world would not be as big as it is now, where it not for the bloggers. Sharing is caring.

3. The comments

Unlike Facebook, when you leave a comment on SoundCloud, the entire world isn’t notified. It’s actually pretty anonymous, almost like a tree falling in the woods and no one being around… except for the artist whose track you’re commenting on and those that follow said artist. And the comments here aren’t usually all snarky and rude like the YouTube comments. They’re short, sweet, and to the point. “WOW!” “Amazinggggg” and “OMG eargasm” and “Love this”. Sometimes there are the “I’ve heard better” and the “This is absolute shit”, but you can’t win everyone.