What is Success?

I receive a lot of emails in my inbox, as do most people. However, my favorite ones are from published authors because they always have plain text, easy to read, words of wisdom that inspire me to think.

Today I received one Neil Strauss’ list (although it wasn’t from him directly) about success:

Why do you want to be ‘successful’?

What excites you?

What makes you feel fulfilled?

I’ve asked myself these very questions, however, when someone else asks you, it makes you think. I’m very guilty of plugging on day after day, striving for an ultimate end goal, thinking once I reach “success” that I’ll be happy. I don’t know why I want to be successful except for that fact that I don’t want to be a failure. I want to achieve something great and be known for contributing to something that benefited society. That’s what excites and fulfills me, so I guess it’s all interrelated.

“When you can build the desire to market and sell a product or service…You’ll never have a money problem in your life.”

Success is just the pathway to my happiness. It’s not the end goal, it’s the pathway of working towards excitement and fulfillment.


Image via Huffington Post

Microsoft Sprightly

Microsoft debuted a new tool that allows you to create digital flyers or catalogues for your brand. Interesting how this product was made for mobile only, or at least was made for mobile before desktop. Seems like it’s for small business owners who focus on social media for selling.

Initial limitations seem to be the amount of templates available, however I’m pretty sure additional ones will be rolled out soon, possibly as a paid feature.

Download it in the app store to give it a whirl, but don’t forget you also have Canva.