How To Drive Traffic To Your Website/Blog/App

Ah, the million-dollar question: “How do I drive traffic to my [insert domain name, blog, mobile app, business splash page]

Simple. Post a link to your personal Facebook and Twitter and watch the traffic come pouring in. Right? Right.

Unless you’re Kanye West or a Jack Dorsey, there’s no way promoting your business to your personal network is going to work. Yes, you’ll get a few hits from supportive friends and Aunts and Uncles, but if you want REAL traffic, you’ve got to combine content marketing with SEO.

Marketing Tech Blog is an awesome resource for information, especially infographs, so check this particular one out below. My personal favorite combinations of driving traffic:

Reddit >>> Podcasts >>> Crunchbase >>> Facebook Ads >>> imgur

Then use the combination of Hootsuite to schedule posts and Google Keyword Planner to research topics for your posts. After you have done the research and scheduled your posts, utilize an email marketing platform like Mail Chimp to retain customers.

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